Instructions for placing orders for products


All goods available at the E-shop are classified into categories, which simplifies the shop visitors finding the desired goods.

  • Prices at the online shop are in euros and VAT (20%) is inclusive.
  • The photos given on the product description page are taken of the goods available in stock, photos of tailored products have been made of items manufactured earlier and have illustrative purposes only.
  • In the above-mentioned case, the respective information is included in the product description. Tailored product appearance and colour may vary from the one in picture as we sell handmade products not standardised mass production.


To order goods:

1) Choose suitable items and add them to the shopping cart, the contents of shopping cart can be seen in the upper part of the page.

2) Select the quantity or remove items. Once done proceed by selecting way of delivery.

*There are different ways for receiving goods:

SmartPOST parcel terminal – Select the closest parcel terminal from a list.  
          Size limits: max. size 60x36x60 cm and max. weight 25 kg. Price: 4.2€.
Post24 parcel terminal or post office – Select the closest parcel terminal or an office from a list. 
          Size limits: max. size 41x38x64 cm and max. weight 30 kg. Price: 4.2€.
Directly to the addressee – Delivery by a courier to the address of a recipient. Recommended for over-sized parcels exceeding the requirements of parcel terminals. Price depends on the weight and is calculated when the order is reviewed.
International delivery - please send me a request HERE!


*We are not able to offer the automatic calculation of delivery cost for all products. Delivery costs are accounted while processing the order and added to the partial invoice. Please pay attention that the final amount you can see before confirmation of order does not include transport cost (delivery to the Addressee 0€)!

3) Insert data of the payee (where the addressee and the payee are different persons, the addressee’s data should be also included.) Upon confirmation of the order, the data arrives to the Seller, and after checking the availability of the goods, the partial invoice shall be sent to you (generally, prepayment is made in the amount 100%), which must be paid by the time specified in the invoice. This excludes tailored products which require more time for manufacturing and payment is possible in two instalments: 50% for order confirmation and 50% - once product is ready for delivery.

The payment is made on a basis of the partial invoice (with the postal costs) which is then sent to you – not the order confirmation which is first communicated via the e-mail!

4) The term of delivery is generally 7 to 15 working days, for bigger orders and tailored orders, or if for some other reason the order cannot be delivered within the established time, the term of delivery can be longer.

The exact delivery term is specified either in a prior request or upon receipt of the order.

5) Upon receipt of the invoice, you will have 3 days to pay (unless agreed otherwise).
Once payment has cleared goods available in stock will be shipped and delivered to customer within 2-3 workdays, with only rare exceptions (bigger-sized and special orders or tailor-made products).
*Where no payment arrives within 3 workdays (or in the agreed time), the order will be cancelled.

6) Item(s) can be returned in 14 days and must be unused. Respective e-mail must be sent BEFORE returning the goods. 

** The instruction on ordering, set above, shall not be valid for tailored products!

With tailored products, a price offer will be made. If the Buyer is satisfied with the price offer, the Seller will issue an invoice including delivery term, and place the tailored order on a waiting list.
You can ask for more information 

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The rest of the time, please send an e-mail, I will answer as soon as possible.
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